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     The following information was submitted by Roy A. Johnson (, on April 17, 2002.

   My search for Vornkahl ancestors began in 1998.  I knew from information provided by family members that one of my maternal great-grandmothers was named Matilda Vornkahl and that she married Henry Reitz. I knew that the Vornkahl and Reitz families had lived in southeastern Iowa near the towns of Donnellson and Primrose in Lee County.

     An internet posting by Karen Vorn Kahl of Chicago in 1998 brought me into contact with Dr. Ulrich “Ulli” Schroeder living near Würzburg, Germany, and with several members of the Hanover Lutheran Church in Cape Girardeau, Missouri.

     I learned from Ulli Schroeder that his family was doing genealogical research of the Vornkahl family in Germany.  Ulli explained that they had found the Vornkahl name in the villages of Nettlingen and Berel in Lower Saxony as early as the 16th century.  They also found that some members of the Vornkahl families had emigrated from Germany to the United States. They were curious about what happened to these family members after moving to the United States.  Ulli found the names and addresses of Vornkahls living in the United States in 1997-8 and send letters to these people asking for information. He received three responses.

     Ulli and I have exchanged information about the Vornkahls on both sides of the Atlantic Ocean and we have learned a great deal of Vornkahl history and genealogical data.  I agree with the originator of this website that there is still much to be learned. 

     Below is some of the information that I have collected about the parents of Matilda Vornkahl, Henry and Wilhelmina (Graeve) Vornkahl.  At the present time, these are my earliest known ancestors from the Vornkahl family.  This information is taken from a family history being written by the author.

     Vornkahl, Henry (Heinrich); (b. 10 Jan 1821; d. 15 Sep 1871),1 married (date unknown) Wilhelmina Graeve (b. about 1830; d. 1864).

     Henry is thought to have emigrated from Germany to the U.S. in 18462 and may have come from the village of Hoheneggelsen. According to the 1856 census for Lee County, Wilhelmina Graeve came to Iowa in 1836 at the age of six;3 consequently, her year of birth was about 1830. She emigrated from Sarstedt, a small town found about 12 kilometers northwest of the city of Hildesheim in Lower Saxony, Germany.4 Clearly she and her future husband, Henry Vornkahl, arrived in Iowa separately.  Other spellings for her maiden name are Grave and Grebe.  Graeve could be an Americanization of Gräve.  Wilhelmina died in 1864.5

     Henry and Wilhelmina operated a farm located just to the southwest of Primrose in Harrison township in Lee County, Iowa.  From the U.S. census records, we can see that they were successful farmers. In the 1860 census, Henry Vornkahl valued his real estate at $4,200 and his personal estate at $1,649; in 1870, he valued his real estate at $8,100 and his personal estate at $1,400. The 1874 plat map for Harrison township, which would have been drawn shortly after his death in 1871, showed that Henry Vornkahl owned 280 acres of land. Of this, 160 acres were in Section 27 (SW1/4) and 120 acres were in Section 33 (NE1/4, NW1/4, and SW1/4 of SE1/4).  Among the Vornkahl’s neighbors was Conrad Schweer whose daughter, Maria Dorothea, was their only son’s first wife.

     Henry and Wilhelmina were the parents of eleven children, ten girls and one boy.  There were two sets of twins among the children.  Brief accounts of the marriage and families of the Vornkahl children have been provided by Mr. Howard Hennies, a great-grandson of Henry and Wilhelmina, of Donnellson, Iowa. An extensive listing of the descendants of Henry and Wilhelmina has been collected by Carol J. (Loges) Sturdivant, a great-great-granddaughter, of Donnellson and she has generously shared her information with me.  Carol also provided me with a large number of obituaries of Vornkahl family members that she has copied from newspapers in Lee County.5 These obituaries are copied in Appendix 1 (not included with this document; copies are available from the author) and reference is made to them at appropriate places in the text.

     Henry and Wilhelmina’s children:

     Louisa (b. 1848)5 married Jacob Haffner on 21 Sep 1869;7 they were the parents of five children. She died in 1894.5   Obituaries of Jacob Haffner; their son, Peter Haffner; their daughters, Orla Minda Haffner Auwaerter, Clara J. Haffner, and Louise Martha Haffner; and their son-in-law, George Auwaerter, are included in Appendix 1.

  •     Sophia (b. 5 Mar 1849)5 married August Hennies on 2 Mar 1871;8 they were the parents of three children.  She died on 18 Mar 1878.5 Mr. Hennies remarried. Obituaries of Sophia Vornkahl Hennies; August Hennies; their son, August H. Hennies; and their daughter, Sophia Hennies are included in Appendix 1.
  •     Julia (b.13 Jan 1851)9 married August F. Wirsig on 25 Feb 1872;10 they were the parents of five children. She died 28 Oct 1915.9 Obituaries for Julia Vornkahl Wirsig; August F. Wirsig; their sons, Herbert Henry Wirsig, Fred C. Wirsig, Albert A. Wirsig, and Orville D. Wirsig; their daughters-in-law, Mrs. H. H. Wirsig, Mrs. A. A. (Susie) Wirsig, and Matilda Wirsig are included in Appendix 1.
  •     Emma (b. 13 Jan 1851)11 married Henry Wendt on 8 Dec 1870;12 they were the parents of eight children.  She died in Aug 1917 and her funeral was 15 Aug 1917.11
  •     Frederick Wilhelm (b. 4 Feb 1853)13 married Maria Dorothea Schweer on 22 Apr 1877;14 they were the parents of six children, two of whom died in infancy.  Maria Dorothea died 25 Mar 1886.13 He married Marie Therese Thews on 15 Sep 1887;15 they were the parents of one child. Marie Therese died 4 Nov 1888.13 He married Emma I. Wirsig on 9 Jun 1889;16 they did not have children. Emma died 10 Dec 1912.  He married Anna Christine J. Kluender on 20 Jul 1922.13 Fredrick died 15 Apr 1932.13 Obituaries for numerous members of Frederick’s family are included in Appendix 1; these are:  Frederick Vornkahl; his third wife, Emma Wirsig Vornkahl; his fourth wife, Anna J. Kluender Vornkahl; Sophie Magdalena Refior (daughter); Christofer Refior (son-in-law); William Edward Refior (grandson); Mary Roth (granddaughter); Elzie Roth (grandson-in-law); Emma Wilhelmina Loges (daughter); August Frederick Loges (son-in-law); Fred August Loges (grandson); Linda Weber Loges (daughter-in-law); John E. Loges (grandson); Verda M. Lowenberg Loges (granddaughter-in-law); Robert Wayne Loges (great-grandson); Herbert Raymond Loges (grandson); Blanche Rohdy Loges (granddaughter-in-law); Leonard Loges (grandson); Mildred M. Bostock Loges (granddaughter-in-law); Mrs. F. C. (Maria Martha) Krebill (daughter); Frederick C. Krebill (son-in-law); Mrs. Walter (Mildred Esther) Koller (granddaughter); Walter Koller (grandson-in-law); Raymond Krebill (grandson); Gladys M. Krebill (granddaughter-in-law); Melvin Owen Krebill (grandson); Monte Ray Krebill (great-grandson); Ellis Krebill (grandson); Emelie Martha Hennies (daughter); Otto August Hennies (son-in-law); Harold E. Hennies (grandson); Ruth B. Rohdy Hennies (granddaughter-in-law); Henry Otto Hennies (grandson); Viola M. Schau Hennies (granddaughter-in-law); Julia (Lulu) Schrepfer (daughter); George Adam Schrepfer (son-in-law); Otto Schrepfer (grandson); Charles F. Schrepfer (grandson); and Hazel Ruth Schrepfer (granddaughter).
  •     Matilda (b. 21 Aug 1854)17 married Henry Reitz.  See section on Reitz family for continuation of Matilda.  An obituary for Matilda is found in Appendix 1.  See Reitz family section for listings of obituaries of other members of her family.
  •     Ellenora A. (b. 10 Feb 1858)18 married Paul H. Wirsig 27 Mar 1879;19 they were the parents of five children.  She died 24 Dec 1949.19 Obituaries of Ellenora Vornkahl; Paul H. Wirsig; their sons, Dr. Arthur E. L. Wirsig, Dr. Arnold O. Wirsig, Marvin A. Wirsig; their daughter, Cordelia Wirsig; their son-in-law, Frederick Daniel Fett; and their daughter-in-law Grace Pauline Wedel Wirsig are found in Appendix 1.
  •     Magdalena (b. 20 Oct 1860)1 married Wm. C. Wendt on 20 Oct 1881;20 they were the parents of seven children, one of which died in infancy.  She died 10 Feb 1910.20 Obituaries of William C. Wendt; their son-in-law, George Henry Roth; and his second wife, Emilie M. L. Wendt are included in Appendix 1.
  •     Martha Mary (b. 20 Oct 1860)21 married Charles Schott on 14 Mar 1887;21,22 they were the parents of three children.  She died 1 Dec 1916.21 Obituaries of Martha Mary Schott; Charles Schott; their daughters, Mrs. Wm. J. (Lydia C.) Gompf, and Mrs. Edward J. (Martha Mary) Dahms; and their sons-in-law, William J. Gompf, and Edward J. Dahms are included in Appendix 1.
  •     Wilhelmina “Minnie” (b. 25 Nov 1862)1 married H.S. Bonnell on 23 Feb 1882;23 they were the parents of two children who died in infancy.
  •     August  and Julia Wirsig’s son Orville operated a Wirsig drug store in Donnellson, another son, Albert, operated a grocery store in Donnellson.24 Emma Wirsig, who was Frederick Vornkahl’s third wife, was a sister of August and Paul Wirsig.  Frederick’s first three wives all preceded him in death.  Since Frederick did not have any surviving sons, he therefore was the last male descendent of Henry to carry the Vornkahl name. However, Henry and Wilhelmina’s daughters and granddaughters bore many children so that they have numerous descendents in this country.
  • 1 This date is taken from a compilation of data transcribed from the church records of three Evangelical (German) Churches in the towns of Primrose, Franklin, and Donnellson, all in Lee County, Iowa.  The transcription of this data was done by volunteers working in the local history and genealogy room of the Donnellson Public Library and is held in the Library.

    2 The 1856 Iowa census records Henry Vornkahl as having been in the State for 10 years, thus the conclusion that he emigrated from Germany in 1846. This conclusion does not take into account the possibility that he could have resided in another state after emigrating from Germany and before taking up residence in Iowa. A copy of the census page was kindly provided by Earnest M. “Mel” Vornkahl of Keokuk, Iowa.

    3 This date and age for Wilhelmina Graeve was arrived at from 1856 Iowa census data that gives her age as 26 and the number of years that she had been in Iowa as 20. The 1856 Iowa census has been summarized in a booklet; a copy of the page on which Wilhelmina Vornkahl is recorded was kindly provided Earnest Vornkahl.

    4 Information from correspondence with Mr. Earnest Vornkahl.

    5 Data is from an ancestry report (Family TreeMaker) for the descendants of Heinrich Vornkahl prepared by Carol J. (Loges) Sturdivant. The ancestry report was first obtained by Earnest Vornkahl and sent to me in correspondence of 3 Jul 1999. Copies of a large number of obituaries of Vornkahl descendants also were included in that correspondence.  I later corresponded with Ms. Sturdivant via e-mail and met her and her husband, Rodney Sturdivant, at their home outside of Donnellson, Iowa, on 2 Aug 1999.

    6 Family sheets for members of the Vornkahl ancestry were provided by Mr. Hennies to Earnest Vornkahl who sent them on to me in correspondence of 14 Sep 1998.

    7 Marriage Record, Vol. 4, page 40, No. 193; Lee County Recorder’s Office, Ft. Madison, IA.

    8 Marriage Record, Vol. 4, page 145, No. 718; Lee County Recorder’s Office, Ft. Madison, IA.

    9 Birth and death dates are from an obituary for Julia (Vornkahl) Wirsig.

    10 Marriage Record, Vol 4, page 205, No. 1007; Lee County Recorder’s Office, Ft. Madison, IA. Their names are given in the record as C.F.A. (August) Wirsig and Juliana Vornkahl.

    11 Birth and death dates are from an obituary for Emma (Vornkahl) Wendt, published in the “Fort Madison Evening Democrat,” August 23, 1917; p. 5.

    12 Marriage Record, Vol. 4, page 132, No. 651; Lee County Recorder’s Office, Ft. Madison, IA.

    13 Date is from an obituary for Frederick Vornkahl. 

    14 Marriage Record, Vol. 5, page 109; Lee County Recorder’s Office, Ft. Madison, IA.

    15 Marriage Record, Vol. 6, page 272; Lee County Recorder’s Office, Ft. Madison, IA.

    16 Marriage Record, Vol. 6, page 446; Lee County Recorder’s Office, Ft. Madison, IA.

    17 Date is from an obituary for Matilda (Vornkahl) Reitz. 

    18 Date is from an obituary for Ellenora (Vornkahl) Wirsig.  Her birth date is also recorded as 10 Feb 1858 in church records, see note 10.

    19 Marriage Record, Vol. 5, page 233; Lee County Recorder’s Office, Ft. Madison, IA; her name on the marriage record is spelled Eleonore.

    20 Date of marriage and of death is given in an obituary for William C. Wendt.  

    21 Date of birth is given in both an obituary (see Appendix 1) and in church records (see note 1). Date of death also is given by the obituary.

    22 Marriage Record, Vol. 6, page 244; Lee County Recorder’s Office, Ft. Madison, IA.

    23 Marriage Record, Vol. 5, page 448; Lee County Recorder’s Office, Ft. Madison, IA.

    24 Information from obituaries of Orville D. and Albert A. Wirsig.

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    The following information was submitted by Roy A. Johnson on (, April 29, 2002.

         One of my objectives in doing research on the Vornkahl name is to identify all Vornkahls who emigrated from Germany to the United States.  Identification of these emigrants may provide links between those Vornkahl descendents now living in the United States and their Vornkahl ancestors who lived in Germany. It also will provide links to Vornkahl descendants living today in Germany.

         Below is information collected from public documents about one such immigrant from Germany, Andreas (Andrew) Vornkahl, of West Point, Illinois.  His son, Charles H. Vornkahl, also was born in Germany and likely emigrated to the United States with his father.

         Vornkahl, Andreas (Andrew); (b. Dec 1826;1 d. date unknown). He was born in Germany1 and may have emigrated to the United States in 1865.2

    Children of Andreas Vornkahl:

    Vornkahl, Charles H.; (b. Jan 1855;3 d. date unknown); born in Germany.3 He married (date unknown) Emma Wegehenkel (b. Apr 1865;3 d. date unknown).

  •   Children of Charles and Emma (Wegehenkel) Vornkahl:3
  •  Vornkahl, Maude (b. Sep 1889;3 d. date unknown)

     Vornkahl, Lulu (b. Oct 1891;3 d. date unknown)

     Vornkahl, Annie (b. Apr 1894;3 d. date unknown)

     Vornkahl, Clara M. (b. 11 Jan 1898; d. 15 Jun 1995)4

     Vornkahl, May (b. date unknown)


    1Information from the 1900 U.S. census of Illinois. In this census, Andrew Vornkahl is listed as a member of the household of Charles H. Vornkahl, St. Albans Township, Hancock County, Illinois. His relationship to Charles H. Vornkahl is listed as father.  His place of birth is listed as Germany.

    2Information from ship’s manifests obtained through website,  Andreas Vornkahl traveled by steamship to and from Bremen, Germany, in 1906, 1909, 1911, and 1912.  His name (also written as Varnkahl, Vornkuhl, or Vankahl) is found in microfilm records of the ship’s manifests for these trips. The ship’s manifest for his return through Ellis Island from Germany (aboard the “George Washington”) in 1912 contains the following information, recorded in the form of questions and answers:

    1. Whether ever before in the United States; and if so, when and where? Answer: 1865/1912, West Point.

    2. Whether going to join a relative or friend; and if so, what relative or friend, and his name and complete address? Answer:  residence, West Point, Ill., Hancock County.

    3. Height:  5’3”.

    4. Complexion: fair;  Hair: white;  Eyes: blue.

    5. Place of birth:  Answer: Germany,  [town: written as ‘Efflingen’ or Ettlingen’]*

    *After consultation with Ulli and Helga Schroeder, November 16, 2001, we concluded that the name of the town could be Nettlingen and that when it had been spoken it may have been mistaken as ‘Ettlingen.’

    6. Occupation:  farmer.

    7. The name and complete address of nearest relative or friend in country whence alien came.  Answer: [sister i.e., Wd. Hoh. Vornkahl, ‘Ettlingen’ i/Hannover.]*

    *It was suggested by Helga Schroeder that the abbreviations in this answer might be read as:  sister-in-law, Wilhelmina Johannna Vornkahl, Nettlingen i/Hannover.

    3Information is from the 1900 U.S. census of Illinois.  Charles H. Vornkahl is listed as the head of the household.

    4Dates of birth and death are from an obituary for Clara M. Vornkahl published in an unidentified newspaper.  Burial was in the West Point Cemetery.

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                                                                                                                            October 2002

    Dear Vornkahl family members:


    Warm greetings to Vornkahl descendants and family members in Germany and elsewhere from Vornkahl descendants in the United States.  Those of us named below are collecting information about Vornkahl history and genealogy. We can trace many of our Vornkahl ancestors back to the time they emigrated from Germany to the United States. Most of these ancestors emigrated from 1840 to 1870. Now we would like to know if our Vornkahl ancestors in Germany can also be identified.

    We have listed below all the Vornkahls that we know have migrated from Germany to the United States. The names are listed in order of birth dates, earliest to latest, if known. Please compare the names on this list with your genealogical records to see if any of the persons are among your ancestors.  If you visit archives to do genealogy research, please take this list with you for reference in case you see the Vornkahl name in the old records.  

    The name Vornkahl is very unusual. It may be that all Vornkahls descend from a common ancestor. The name is spelled in many different ways.  Ulrich Schröder has found in Germany the variations: Fornikale, Vernekal, Vorren Kahlen, Vornekahl, VornKahl, Vornekall, Fornskail, and Vornkahlt. In the United States, the name is or has also been spelled as: Fornkahl, Fornkohl, Vorn Kahl, Vorenkahl, Vonkahl. In old census records, spellings found are: Farnekal, Varnkahl, Ferncaill, Fernkol, and Varnkall.  So it is important to keep alternate spellings in mind when looking at old records.

    If you find or have information about Vornkahl genealogy, please consider doing one (or more) of the following: (a) post the information on this website, (b) contact the person or persons, identified below, who are descendants of the Vornkahl immigrants from Germany, or (c) contact the webmaster, Mr. Friedrich Vornkahl, if you wish to get more information through the website.

    Finding new genealogical data and links is always exciting and we will be most grateful for any information we obtain from readers of this website. Likewise, we may be able to provide additional information about the fate of the Vornkahls who came to the United States. We welcome inquiries from Vornkahl descendants living anywhere.

    We wish to thank Ulrich Schröder, Friedrich Vornkahl, and Eike Bock, all in Germany, for their collaboration and the invaluable assistance and encouragement they have given to this project.



    Ron Fornkahl

    Roy A. Johnson

    Carol J. (Loges) Sturdivant

    Karen Vorn Kahl

    Earnest (“Mel”) Vornkahl

    Henry L. Vornkahl

    The following is a list of Vornkahl emigrants from Germany to the United States, 1840-1870.

    Vornkahl, Conrad (b. ~1798; d. date unknown); born in Germany.  He married Magdalena Bronnecke (b. 10 Jun 1814; d. 24 Feb 1887).  They emigrated to Cape Girardeau County, Missouri.

    A more detailed genealogy for Conrad Vornkahl and his family is posted by Ron Fornkahl on this website.  If you have information about Conrad Vornkahl and the members of his family listed above or if you wish to obtain more information about his descendants in the United States, please contact Ron Fornkahl: or

    Vornkahl, Heinrich1 (b. 15 Apr 1817; d. 4 Mar 1894); born in Germany, emigrated to the U. S. in 1846. He married (15 Jul 1852) Christine Perski (b. 18 Aug 1830; d. 12 Oct 1903), born in Germany.

    1All information for Heinrich Vornkahl provided by Henry L. Vornkahl.

    If you have information about Heinrich Vornkahl, above, or if you wish to obtain more information about his descendants in the United States, please contact Henry L. Vornkahl:

    Vornkahl, Heinrich (b. 10 Feb 1821; d. 15 Sep 1871), born in Germany (Dingelbe or Hoheneggelsen ?), emigrated to the U.S.A. in 1846. He married Wilhelmina Graeve (other spellings: Grave, Grebe, Gräve) (b. about 1830; d. 1964), born in Sarstedt, Germany.

    Heinrich Vornkahl is an ancestor of Roy A. Johnson and Carol J. (Loges) Sturdivant. If you have information about Heinrich Vornkahl, above, or if you wish to obtain more information about his descendants in the United States, please contact either: Roy A. Johnson at or Carol J. Sturdivant at

    A detailed description of Christian Henry Loges and his family is posted on this website by Carol J. (Loges) Sturdivant.

    Vornkahl, Andreas (Andrew); (b. Dec 18261). He was born in Germany1 (Nettlingen ?) and may have emigrated to the United States in 1865. 

    1Information from the 1900 U.S. census of Illinois: Andreas (Andrew) Vornkahl is the father of Charles H. Vornkahl, (b. Jan 18551; born in Germany.1 Charles married (12/05/1888)2 Emma Wegehenkel (b. Apr 1865;1 d. date unknown) St. Albans Township, Hancock County, Illinois. 

    2Illinois Statewide Marriage Index, 1763-1800;

    If you have information about Andreas Vornkahl, above, or if you wish to obtain more information about his descendants in the United States, please contact Roy A. Johnson:

    Vornkahl, Ernst (b. 18 Apr 1831), born in Hoheneggelsen, Germany, emigrated to the U.S.A. in 1852. 

    A more detailed description of Ernst Vornkahl, his family and genealogy is posted on this website by Earnest M. Vornkahl.   If you have information about Ernst Vornkahl, above, or if you wish to obtain more information about his descendants in the United States, please contact Earnest M. Vornkahl:

    Vorenkahl, Henry (b. Oct 1834), born in Germany. Married Mary (b. Sep 1842).  Henry and Mary resided in Warsaw, Hancock County, Illinois.1

    1U.S. census records, 1880 and 1900, for Illinois.

    If you have information about Henry Vorenkahl, above, or if you wish to obtain more information about his descendants in the United States, please contact Roy A. Johnson:

    Vornkahl, John A. (b. date unknown; d. 7 Jan 1879),1 born in Germany.  Married (?) Dina or Dinah (b. Oct 1845), born in Germany.2 John A. Vornkahl (spelled as Vonkahl) served in Company “H”, 30th Illinois Infantry in the Civil War, 1861-1865.

    1Honor roll of Veteran Burials Index, Macoupin County, Illinois;

    2U.S. census, 1900, for Illinois.

    If you have information about John A. Vornkahl, above, or if you wish to obtain more information about his descendants in the United States, please contact Roy A. Johnson:

    Vornkahl, Andreas (b. date unknown), born in Germany. He was granted citizenship 14 Dec 1859 in Macoupin County, Illinois.1

    1From photocopy of citizenship document, Macoupin Circuit Court, State of Illinois, Macoupin County, December Term 1857.

    If you have information about Andreas Vornkahl, above, or if you wish to obtain more information about his descendants in the United States, please contact Roy A. Johnson:

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    Following is some information on my family history that i am submitting for your web-site on the Vornkahl family. I have been assisted by several individuals including Dr. Ulrich Schroder, Mr. Ike Bock, Ms G. Binder, and Roy Johnson who has helped me immensly with his expertise in the field of geneology. At this time I want to publicly thank these individuals for their assistance.

    Generation 1

    Fornekahl, Matthias he married Dorothee Nee Kiel. ( no dates available)

    Child of Matthias Fornekahl, and Dorothee Nee Kiel is

    1. Vollspanner Jhannes Jochim Konrad Fredrick Vornkahl b. Sept. 27, 1787, d. Oct. 20, 1858. in Dingelbe, Germany.

    Generation #2.

    Vollspanner Fredrick Vornkahl m. Dora Ohlendorf, daughter of Johann Ohlendorf and Anna Wulf. She died March 20, 1867.

    Children of Fredrick Vornkahl & Dora Ohlendorf are:

    i. Sophie Vornkahl, b. May 2, 1823

    ii. Ernest Vornkahl, b. April 18, 1831 d. January 05, 1910.

    iii. One stillborn boy Vornkahl, b. July 23, 1833

    iv. Franz Wilhelm Theodor Vornkahl, b. January 13, 1835.

    Generation #3.

    Ernest Vornkahl was born April 18, 1831 in Hoheneggelson near Hanover, Germany and died January 05, 1910 in Clark Co. Missouri. He married Elizabeth Rikeberg in 1857 in Clark Co. Missouri. She was b. August 17, 1837 in Germany, and d. Feb. 24, 1914 in St. Joseph, Mo.

    Ernest Vornkahl emigrated to the United States in 1852 and settled in Iowa near West Point for 3 and 1/2 years before moving to Clark Co. Mo. where he took up farming and aquired 310 acres of well improved land. He remained a farmer alll his life. (history of Lewis, Clark, Knox, and Scotland Counties, Missouri.) "Biographical appendix for Clark Co." Page 975 copyright 1887 Goodspeed Publishing Company.

    He and his wife Elizabeth traveled back to Germany in the year 1900, aboard the Steamer Venetia into Hamberg. Stayed with we think a cousin Carl or (Karl) Vornkahl at Victoria St 32 Hildesheim, Provinz Hanover, Germany. From there they went to his old home and birthplace of Hoheneggelson and lived with a nephew Wilhelm Himstedt. They left for the return trip aboard the Steamer Marie Theria from Bremerhaven. This information provided in letters to my grandfather which i am in possession.

    Notes for Ernest Vornkahl

    1. Baptized May 8, 1831

    Godfathers: Ernest August Schulze

    August ?, Lubrecht ?

    2. Burial January 8, 1910- Christy Cemetary, Acasto, Clark Co. Mo.

    3. Farmer and member of German Evangelical Church.

    4. Original settler Clark Co. Mo. Grant Township

    Children of Ernest Vornkahl & Elizabeth Rikeberg are:

    i. William Herman Vornkahl

    ii. Amelia Vornkahl

    4. Sophia Vornkahl was born May 02, 1823. She married Halbspanner Heinrich Himstedt Mar. 03, 1843 in Hoheneggelson, Germany. He was born January 20, 1811.

    Children of Sophie Vornkahl and Heinrich Himstedt are:

    i. Johann Heinrich Wilhelm Himstedt, b. Feb. 08, 1844, d. unknown

    ii. Christian Herman Friedrich Wilhelm Himstedt, b. Oct. 22, 1846. D. unknown

    iii. Johanne Friederike Himstedt. b. Aug. 25, 1848. d. unknown.

    Generation #4.

    5. William Herman Vornkahl was born Sept. 08, 1861 in Clark Co. Mo.and d. Apr. 17, 1943 in Farmington, Iowa. He married Sadie Brewster Oct. 21, 1888 in Clark Co. Mo. daughter of George Brewster and Melinda Neff. She was b. Feb. 27, 1868 in Clark Co. Mo. and d. Oct 20, 1946 in Farmington, Iowa.

    Note on William Herman Vornkahl

    1. Took over the farm owned by Ernest Vornkahl and farmed until retirement in 1937.

    2. Burial in Greenglade Cemetary Farmington, Iowa.

    Note on Sadie E. Brewster Vornkahl

    1. Burial Greenglade Cemetary Farmington, Iowa.

    Children of William Vornkahl and Sadie Brewster are:

    i. Elmer Ernest Vornkahl

    ii. Mary Ethel Vornkahl

    iii. Ada Vornkahl

    iv. Effie Vornkahl

    6. Amelia Vornkahl b. Feb 10, 1858 in Clark Co. Mo. d. Dec. 07, 1900 in Clark Co. Mo. m. David Sullivan.

    Child of Amelia Vornkahl and David Sullivan is:

    i. Walter Sullivan. dates unknown.


    It was said by older members of the family that William Herman Vornkahl and Fred Vornkahl son of Henry Vornkahl who lived near Donnelson, Iowa and ancestor to Roy Johnson, were 1st cousins. This means that Ernest Vornkahl my Great Grandfather and Henry Vornkahl Roys Great-Great-Grandfather woould have to be brothers. As yet we have not been able to find the link that proves this. We are hoping that our friends in Germany will find that Fred Vornkahl and Dora Ohlendorf had other children besides those listed and will include Henry.

    Generation #5.

    Elmer Ernest Vornkahl b. Aug. 14, 1889. Clark Co. Mo. d. may 27, 1951 in Graham Hospital Keokuk, Iowa. He married Bertie Ann Clifton Feb. 25, 1915 daughter of Zachriah Clifton and Clarinda Alice Gammon. b. Oct 19, 1892; d. Nov. 26, 1990 at Clark Co. Nursing home Kahoka, Mo.

    Theyn purchased operated what was known as the Sappington Farm of 160 acres and also 60 acres of the Zack Clifton farm all located in Grant Township Clark Co. Mo.

    Children of ElmerVornkahl and Bertie Clifton are;

    i. Marvin Eston Vornkahl b. Feb 15, 1916

    ii. Merrill Dean Vornkahl b. Jan. 31, 1931

    iii. Earnest Melburn Vornkahl b. July 13, 1932

    Mary Ethel Vornkahl b. Jan 18, 1892 Clark Co. Mo. d. Nov. 02, 1982, Farmington, Iowa. m. Lloyd VonSeggen, Apr. 07, 1914.

    Children of Mary E. Vornkahl and Lloyd VonSeggen are:

    i. Milo VonSeggen

    ii. Wilma VonSeggen (Doud)

    Ada Vornkahl. b. Oct. 17, 1893. d. Aug. 19,1953.

    Effie Vornkahl b. May 30, 1900 m. Darrel Wolf Nov. 25, 1959. d. Mar. 30, 1996

    Generation #6.

    1. Marvin Eston Vornkahl b. Feb 15, 1916; m. Verna King Feb 22, 1937. Settled and operated farm previously owned by Great Grandfather Ernest Vornkahl settled in 1856 and also owned by grandffather William Herman Vornkahl.

    Children of Marvin Vornkahl and Verna King are:

    i. Karen Nadine Vornkahl b. Oct 02, 1941

    2. Merrill Dean Vornkahl; b. Jan. 31, 1931, m. Betty Jean Plankael, Oct 1, 1949, b. Apr. 29, 1928, d. Dec. 29, 1990 m. Rosa Michel Nov 26, 1994, b. Mar. 03, 1929 d. Apr. 17, 2000

    Children of Merrill Vornkahl and Betty Plankael are:

    i. Vicki Lynn Vornkahl (Thomas).

    ii. Kevin Vornkahl

    iii. Martin Dean Vornkahl

    3. Earnest M. Vornkahl b. July 13, 1932, m. Ruth E. Losey Apr. 27, 1952 b. Nov. 18, 1933.

    Children of Earnest Vornkahl and Ruth Losey are:

    i. Deborah Lynn Vornkahl ( Eckstein ) b. Mar. 07, 1954

    ii. Jan Elaine Vornkahl, b. July 13, 1956

    iii. Susan Lee Vornkahl, ( Johnson ) b. Mar. 11, 1959.

    This concludes the portion of Vornkahl ancestry pertaining to my linseage. If I can be of help to anyone, or if you have any informatiuon jpertaining to my ancestry please E-Mail me at


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